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About EcoCities

EcoCities is a joint initiative between the University of Manchester and property company Bruntwood. The project looks at the impacts of climate change and at how we can adapt our cities to the challenges and opportunities that a changing climate presents.

EcoCities is an interdisciplinary research project that draws on the expertise of the University of Manchester’s Manchester Architecture Research Centre (MARC), Centre for Urban and Regional Ecology (CURE) and Manchester Business School. Central to all the work of EcoCities is the concept of building adaptive capacity. This concerns helping cities to develop the skills, knowledge and expertise necessary to adapt to the impacts of climate change.

The core aim of EcoCities has been to undertake research to support the process of planning for a changing climate in Greater Manchester. It is hoped that the outputs contained within this website will also have wider relevance for other urban areas engaged in responding to the challenges and potential opportunities linked to climate change.

EcoCities also has a strong international dimension and seeks to position Manchester at the centre of a global network of individuals and organisations with an interest in climate change adaptation. This network will help us to share best practice on how cities are designed, built and managed in the face of a changing climate. The project has benefited from mutual learning with partner cities including Dhaka, Austin (Texas), Nagoya and Singapore.

We are keen to strengthen our links with related research initiatives and with public and private sector organisations in Greater Manchester and beyond. We would like to hear about work that you are undertaking in relation to climate change adaptation. Please contact us at ecocities@manchester.ac.uk.

The EcoCities team

Dr Jeremy Carter
Dr Gina Cavan
Dr Angela Connelly
Professor Simon Guy
Professor John Handley
Dr Andrew Karvonen
Dr Aleksandra Kazmierczak
Mr Richard Kingston
Mr Nigel Lawson
Dr Sarah Lindley
Mr Joe Ravetz
Dr Graeme Sherriff


Spatial Portal
Spatial Mapping

Spatial portal

Toolkit to assess vulnerability of urban areas to climate change, using spatial data.



Latest issue


This is issue three of the EcoCities Blueprint magazine. It led with the article: 'What's going on up there? Climate projections for Greater Manchester.'