Adaptation Strategies for European Cities (DG Clima)

The aim of this project is to provide capacity building and assistance for cities in developing and implementing an adaptation strategy by raising awareness throughout Europe on the importance of preparing for climate change in cities, exchanging knowledge and good practices, and developing tools and guidance for cities on adaptation. Stakeholder-dialogues will identify challenges and needs that cities share and support networking and cooperation. Twenty-one cities will be immediately involved with the project, as peers, trainees and adaptation pilots, setting an example for the majority of the other cities in EU-27. Others will be encouraged to engage in bilateral twinning-relationships to learn from each other. This project will also provide the Commission with a synthesis of current knowledge on impacts and vulnerabilities at city level, the state of play on adaptation across European cities and capacities to respond. This assessment will contribute to the urban dimension of the EU strategy on adaptation to climate change that the Commission is currently developing to be adopted in 2013. A web-based platform, situated on the Climate-Adapt website being developed by EEA and EC will provide a focal point for information exchange and access to the tools developed for the project.

The final task will provide the basis for the legacy of this leading edge project. The key finding s of the project will be collated and delivered at  a final conference, directly linked to the planned 2013 Resilient Cities conference. This will also include delivering an interactive PDF toolkit on good practice for developing a city adaptation strategy for European cities, as well as a final project report to the Commission.

Funded by: 
European Commission
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Project timeframe: 
January 2012 - June 2013
School of Environment and Development