Climate Change and the Visitor Economy: Challenges and opportunities for England’s Northwest (CCVE)

CCVE investigated the interaction between climate change, the visitor economy and the environment in order to understand future opportunities and threats for the North West region of England. This project studied some of the iconic landscapes of the North West region, including the Sefton dunes, Peak District and Lake District National Parks, and investigated topics such as moorland wildfires and footpath erosion. The findings, based on limited data for England’s North West, suggest that  recreational behaviour in the Northwest appears to be fairly resilient to the weather – which resonates with other recent research findings internationally. Climate influence on visitor behaviour is more likely to be overshadowed by socio-economic trends, particularly how we choose to spend our leisure time in the future. The associated report describes the implications for policy makers, the tourism industry and landscape managers, amongst others.

Funded by: 
Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA), the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), and the Environment Agency.
Principal coordinator: 
The University of Manchester
Lead contact: 
Project timeframe: 
June 2005 - June 2005