Climate Proof Cities

The Climate Proof Cities research programme addresses how Dutch cities can prepare for the impacts of climate change?  The programme intends to build up a multi-scale (from the level of buildings via neighbourhoods to city agglomerations), quantitative knowledge base on urban climate, the vulnerability of cities to climate change and expected impacts of possible future changes in climate. The consortium will generate knowledge on the technical and economical effectiveness of adaptation measures linked with an in-depth understanding of the governance processes needed for implementation.

Fact finding on the interaction of the city and the local climate (including urban heat islands) is essential to understand the effectiveness of measures. Based on the various impacts in cities and possible adaptation measures, an overview can then be provided of costs and benefits of taking adaptation measures in various scenarios for the development of the global climate which will support decision makers in developing their adaptation strategies.

Funded by: 
Economic Structure Enhancing Fund (FES). The Netherlands
Principal coordinator: 
Lead contact: 
TNO; Delft University of Technology; Eindhoven University of Technology; Wageningen University; Utrecht University; University of Amsterdam; Radboud University Nijmegen; Deltares; KWR; UNESCO-IHE
Project timeframe: 
January 2010 - December 2014
School of Environment and Development