Adapting to climate change: a Greater Manchester policy perspective


Jeremy Carter and Angela Connelly


Supportive adaptation policies and strategies can help to equip cities and urban areas for changing climate patterns, which looks set to influence their future growth and competitiveness. However, much existing policy effort is targeted at mitigation; that is the reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions that are principally responsible for observed and projected future changes in climate. Adaptation remains the poor relation in policy terms, yet there is some evidence of increasing adaptation activity within policy communities, stimulated in part by the recognition of the unavoidable impacts of climate change.

This EcoCities report maps out the policy landscape on climate change adaptation, focusing particularly on its implications for progressing  the agenda in Greater Manchester. Although policy frameworks can rapidly shift, this review offers a snapshot into key pieces of legislation and their implementation as it stands at the beginning of 2012. The paper begins at supra-national level before concentrating on national policy and then strategies directly influencing the growth and development of Greater Manchester. The conclusion draws together the major implications of the review of adaptation policy, and considers how this may define the scope of partnership working towards ensuring that Manchester is a ‘well-adapted’ city.