Adapting Greater Manchester to climate change: key challenges and opportunities


Jeremy Carter


As part of the EcoCities launch event on the 23rd July 2009, a facilitated workshop was undertaken which aimed to discuss and help prioritise the key challenges and opportunities relating to adaptation to climate change in Greater Manchester. The collective input of over 50 individuals from a range of backgrounds provided the EcoCities project with a valuable insight into this issue. The workshop helped to identify what are considered to be some of the most significant issues with the potential to shape this agenda in Greater Manchester.

  • ‘Challenges’ are issues that could constrain efforts to adapt effectively to climate change in Greater Manchester. Challenges can relate to issues concerning Greater Manchester itself (e.g. topography) and to generic issues operating at wider spatial scales (e.g. national legislation).
  • ‘Opportunities’ relate to issues that could help to encourage an effective adaptation response to climate change impacts in the city-region. Opportunities relate to specific characteristics of Greater Manchester, and to issues beyond its boundaries, which could support efforts to adapt to climate change. Opportunities also concern positive outcomes linked to adapting to climate impacts.

Identification and prioritisation of challenges and opportunities has the potential to encourage better informed adaptation responses, and help to support long term strategic planning for climate change adaptation. Aside from contributing to the EcoCities project, it is hoped that the insights presented within this report will be of wider benefit to stakeholders interested and engaged in adapting to climate change beyond Greater Manchester.