Buildings and flooding: a risk-response case study


Aleksandra Kazmierczak and Angela Connelly


For the built environment, flooding is recognised as one of the most significant weather and climate risks for Greater Manchester. Flooding of residential buildings is a particularly urgent problem; not only causing damage to buildings and loss of property but also posing risk to the health and life of their occupants. Recent climatic trends and future scenarios suggest that flooding, particularly surface water flooding caused by heavy rainfall, is likely to become more frequent and intense in the future.

This report analyses the magnitude and spatial distribution of flood risk to the residential built environment in Greater Manchester, explores a selection of the adaptation options available to reduce the risk and impact of flooding to dwellings. A neighbourhood-level case study looks at the impact of flooding to buildings in Salford. The case study calculates the damage cost to each building from various flood events. It considers adaptation measures that can be introduced before discussing the barriers to successful adaptation.