Greater Manchester Local Climate Impacts Profile (GMLCIP) and assessing Manchester City Council’s vulnerability to current and future weather and climate


Nigel Lawson and Jeremy Carter


EcoCities worked with Red Rose Forest and Manchester City Council to help the Council meet Level 1 of National Indicator NI 188 Adapting to Climate Change by addressing issues surrounding current and future vulnerability to climate change in Greater Manchester. This report details the key outcomes of this work, and the development of a Local Climate Impacts Profile (LCLIP) for Greater Manchester.

The assessment of current vulnerability to climate and weather related events in Greater Manchester was achieved through the development of a LCLIP.  The LCLIP considers weather-related events which have impacted on human health/well-being and/or infrastructure, or have caused severe disruption to services over two time periods: since 1998 in as much detail as is possible, and the principal events from 1945 to 1997. It also considers the severity of the events in assessing their relative impacts. Significantly, the LCLIP covers the whole of the Greater Manchester conurbation, and includes a section on the implications for key service providers.