Risk of flooding to infrastructure in Greater Manchester


Aleksandra K azmierczak and Christopher Kenny


At the local level, a detailed inventory of infrastructure, combined with the spatial distribution of hazards, can assist efficient planning and management for local authorities. This was recognised by the Mayor of London through the London Regional Flood Risk Appraisal was produced in October 2009. That report presents the spatial implications of flood risk for a  number of different types of infrastructure including transport, emergency services, schools or sewage treatment works.

This research undertakes a similarly comprehensive assessment of flood risk to infrastructure for Greater Manchester given that flooding has been the dominant climate impact for the conurbation, and the principal cause of damage to property and infrastructure. It assesses the current risk of fluvial and surface water flooding for different types of infrastructure in Greater Manchester.

The report begins by outlining the different types of infrastructure in Greater Manchester and describes river flooding and surface water flooding hazards. In the main, it  assesses the proportion of elements within each infrastructure type that may be at risk of flooding due to their location within flood risk area. The final section explores the implications for Greater Manchester, under the current and future climate, and considers appropriate adaptation options.