Stakeholder mapping for climate change adaptation, Centre for Urban and Regional Ecology, The University of Manchester.


Jeremy Carter


This document provides an overview of organisations with a ‘stake’ in climate change adaptation in Greater Manchester. However, it must be emphasised that this stakeholder review was undertaken in 2009, since when the stakeholder landscape has shifted significantly. Within the EcoCities project, the term ‘stakeholder’ is defined as: ‘A group or organisation with an interest, statutory responsibility, or practical role in developing and implementing climate change adaptation strategies and related initiatives.’

A wide range of individuals and organisations exert an influence over climate change adaptation in Greater Manchester. A simple spatial hierarchy is used to categorise stakeholders according to their scale of influence and engagement:

  • Supra-national (Global, European Union)
  • National (UK)
  • Regional (Northwest England)
  • Sub-regional (Greater Manchester)

This report concentrates on stakeholders with a direct impact on the adaptation agenda in the form of developing associated policies, plans or programmes, or through making a direct contribution through research, lobbying or developing buildings or infrastructure. Of course, there are many others that exert, in more indirect ways, a significant effect on current and future capacity to adapt Greater Manchester to the changing climate.