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Impacts of weather and climate

This section includes research outputs that explore the potential impacts of Greater Manchester’s changing climate in more detail. Understanding recent trends and patterns of climate change events and their impacts, and projecting these forward considering future climate change, strengthens the basis to develop adaptation responses.

The weather and climate of Greater Manchester looks likely to change markedly over the coming decades. The impacts of climate change extend across different sectors and issues, from hard infrastructure to health and wellbeing, posing risks and, in some cases, possible opportunities.

Local authorities, with their wide ranging remit, are threatened by a number of climate change risks. A collaborative project between Manchester City Council, the University of Manchester and Red Rose Forest assessed how the City Council may be affected by current and potential future weather and climate. This identified risks across a number of key service areas, including leisure, housing and adult social care.

This project drew on work undertaken to identify patterns in reported weather and climate events across Greater Manchester, stretching back to the 1940s. This identified floods as the most common type of event, with storms (including high winds) and cold weather also being frequent. These events appear to impact particularly on critical infrastructure and health and wellbeing.

In future decades some of these events, such as cold weather, are projected to become less common, with others including heat waves and water shortage occurring more regularly. We have drawn on existing research to identify some of the key climate change risks facing Greater Manchester in the future. For those wishing to learn more, additional resources on climate change impacts are highlighted.


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Toolkit to assess vulnerability of urban areas to climate change, using spatial data.



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