Justice, Vulnerability & Climate Change: An Integrated Framework

Around two-thirds of the most extremely socially flood-vulnerable places in the UK are also extremely socially heat-vulnerable. Many socially deprived neighbourhoods are also socially vulnerable to climate events.

This research project, for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, developed an integrated framework centred on justice, vulnerability and climate change. It also applied an associated methodology, which provides a first look at climate disadvantage in the UK.

The main conclusions were that the social dimensions of vulnerability to climate change have not yet been sufficiently recognised in adaptation policy. Nor have they received sufficient attention in existing assessments of the impacts of climate change on people and communities. This study reveals the importance of developing a wider appreciation of the dimensions of vulnerability. The results also demonstrate how quantitative assessment can complement and extend evidence collected using qualitative techniques for the purposes of informing the development of just adaptation responses.

Funded by: 
Joseph Rowntree Foundation
Principal coordinator: 
Prof. John O'Neill, Sarah Lindley
Lead contact: 
Project timeframe: 
January 2010 - January 2011
School of Social Sciences/ School of Environment and Development