Risk Assessment and Risk Management in Small Urban Catchments (part of the ERA-Net CRUE programme)

The project’s primary intention was to provide a broad basis of knowledge and tools for a reliable application of the EU Flood Directive in small urban catchments. It  developed a methodological framework for flood management in small urban catchments. Based on case studies of urban river catchments of the cities Hamburg, Manchester, Bradford, Glasgow, Cologne, Dresden and Paris, the effectiveness and efficiency of non-structural measures to reduce flood damage was analysed and evaluated.

The results will be of value to urban planners, regulators and the general public. They will provide regulators with a planning framework and will inform Local Authorities and water utility companies with asset management and the general public on environmental improvements.

Funded by: 
Defra (Contract Reference Number: CSA 7277)
Principal coordinator: 
Prof Ian Douglas
Lead contact: 
Project timeframe: 
November 2006 - June 2007
CURE, School of Environment and Development